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Old is New

Worthwhile MediaComment

The following is from a journal entry dated 13 February, 2013. 

I love architecture. Absolutely love it. It inspires me. 

In fact, I almost went to school to be an architect. The extra math classes pushed me to making movies. The thing I love most about architecture is how the designer can take a space or idea that is hundreds of years old, modernize it, and turn it into a masterpiece. Whether it is taking a building from the turn of the century and making it into a modernized restaurant, or building something from scratch that resembles a Roman jewel, the idea that old can become new fascinates me. 

In relation to creativity, I think we can learn from architects. Sometimes, we challenge ourselves to create something fresh and new. And there is nothing wrong with that. A new idea rejuvenates us. But sometimes, we try so hard to develop that new idea, we beat our heads against a wall out of frustration. 

Sometimes, we just need to see what has been done, and done successfully, and then find a way to modernize it.

Trying to make what was old new again…

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