The Mystery of Christmas

Marvelous is the mystery proclaimed today: man’s nature is made new as God becomes man; he remains what he was and becomes what he was not.
— St. Gregory Nazianzus

I remember most of the Christmas mornings from my youth. They almost always revolved around me sitting eagerly in front of the tree. I would wait for the rest of my family to join me in the living room...I would wait forever...or so it seemed.

Although every Christmas was different, one thing remained the same...the Anticipation. 

The anticipation of the unexpected. 

"What is in here?"

"What could this be?"

Not knowing what was inside that box made so anxious to open it. So eager to find out the unknown. 

Fast forward to today, and I find much of the anticipation is gone. I still love Christmas morning with my family, but honestly, I know most of my gifts already. My mom even asked me to go buy my own! I still want Christmas to come, but the overall mystery of what awaits me under that tree is gone.

As creatives, we love to create the mystery in art, but we often live in a world devoid of it. The adage of "there is no magic behind the magic" holds true for us. Some of us have spent the last few weeks or months developing these wonderful Christmas pieces that develop such joy and anticipation for the audience, but for us it was merely nuts and bolts. 

In our efforts to create the Mystery of Christmas, we often lose the mystery ourselves. 

Do you remember what it was like to celebrate Christmas with mystery? Can you capture that feeling again? I'm not talking about conjuring up emotion...I'm talking about finding that place to celebrate Christ again. That place that stirs our soul. 

Can we allow ourselves to not ask "how" and simply be in the moment? Can we be moved by Handel's "Messiah?" Can we listen intently to the Christmas story and recognize what Christ coming to earth means for us? Can we celebrate his birth and Expectantly Anticipate his return?

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. I hope you spend time laughing, hugging and loving. I hope you are surrounded my friends and family. I hope you find time to rediscover what the season means again. I hope we all can find a moment to revel in the Mystery of Christmas again. 

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