Practical Application
Seeds Conference 2014

Seeds Conference 2014

Last week, I was fortunate to be able to attend Seeds Conference at Church on the Move. This is a fantastic conference that really tries to take what they do every weekend, and make it practical to anyone to take to their own churches. In my opinion, this year was one of the most meaningful for me. These conferences are great times to be inspired, learn and get motivated to go home and create something awesome yourself. The key, in my opinion, is being able to take what you learn and see, and make it practical to the things you are capable of doing.

Practical Application

We've all been there right? Sitting in an awesome movie, broadway play, or conference session, and we think to ourselves, wouldn't it be great if we could do this?! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have the budget, team and talent to pull it off? If only my boss or pastor was here, then they would see why we need to do this!  For a moment, we are excited...

And then, we come back to reality...the realization that it will never happen for us. The realization that we can't apply any of it to our current work situation. 

As I came home from Seeds this year, I thought long and hard about this moment. The moment that the inspiration and excitement is replaced with the realities of where you are. And this is why Seeds was so valuable to me this year. This year, above any others, I feel the Seeds team was intentional about making things as practical as possible. 

Sure, they do things I don't have the venue to pull off. They have a budget I will not have this year. They have very talented people. But aren't there a handful of things I was able to take and apply them to my situation? Sure there are! 

And this is what I want us to see today. No matter how awesome the things we see others do can be, don't just walk away and say "I will never do that." Walk away asking yourself, "how can I find a way to make that work?" What can I use that will fit into my current place and situation?

I may not be able to hang a 92'x32' scrim across the front of my stage, but what if I hand a 20'x15' curtain across the back of my stage and use my old projector to shoot some environmentals on it? See, for me, that is practical. Now I am making practical applications to my situation, using the things I have learned from other talented, amazing people. 

What are some things you have learned from other churches, creatives and conferences that you have figured out how to apply practically in your current situation? 

I would love to continue this dialogue in the comments section below! 

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