Drawing a Blank

Drawing a Blank

We've all been there. A deadline looms, a page stares blankly back at us. The footage lays lifeless on the timeline.

Sometimes, the creative juices seem to elude us. The ideas, the inspiration...where are they? Finding ourselves void of creativity is never a great place to be. The question is this:

What do you do when you draw a creative blank?

Unfortunately, I do not have a five step insta-fix. I have no rules...merely ideas. When I suffer from creative block, I have a couple of places to turn intended to motivate, inspire and generate ideas.

The Pool of Inspiration

I know, it sounds like a wonderful place. In all reality, it is a list of blogs and sites I routinely visit for inspiration. The first place I tend to go is Designspiration. This is a specially curated site full of print and web design elements. With an awesome search tool, I can usually find some type of project that will inspire me with elements I can use for my project. For video projects, Vimeo is the place to go. I follow several filmmakers and production houses that never cease to amaze me with their talent. On the random side, I also visit Timothy Willard's blog. Tim is an author and thinker that I find great inspiration in. Obviously, this would not be for everyone, but I find stepping outside the 'normal' creative elements can stir up ideas from time to time. 

Change of Scenery

This is a common tactic pretty much every creative already utilizes. To spare with you with the usual walk around the office, go for a hike outside or visit a coffeeshop suggestions; let me pose something else. Go window shopping. More specifically, window shop at your favorite local hotspots. Oklahoma City has seen a groundswell of local businesses pop up in the last four years. This alone inspires me to no end! This may sound strange, but there are several local shops I visit, just to gain inspiration. A few of them are Plenty Mercantile, Blue 7 and Shop Good. I have been fortunate enough to get to know some of the owners, and I love the stories they have. Stories of putting it all on the line to start their business. Stories of record sales days. I just find myself in awe and completely inspired when I leave these places. It truly is amazing!

I realize this is nothing new for most of us. We have all been there, and we will all continue to struggle with a blank page from time to time. The key is finding ways to get out of your creative funk and find ways to be inspired. 

What do you find yourself doing to fight creative block and find inspiration?

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