Our Lives as Stories

Easter Sunday is such a special day for me. As a follower of Jesus Christ, and a believer that His death and resurrection leads to my salvation; there is no greater day of celebration. Celebration comes in all shapes and sizes, however.

On April 20, 2003, Easter Sunday morning, my father's time on Earth was deemed finished. After an eight month battle with liver cancer, He breathed his last, and entered into the presence of God. 

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, marked the eleventh anniversary of his death. For the first time in those eleven years, Easter and April 20 coincided. In all honesty, it was not an easy day. 

I know you are probably wondering what this has to do with storytelling, right? Well, while traveling home from visiting my family last night, I could not help but glance over at my beautiful wife, and think about the story of my life. No matter how insignificant my life can look to me, I often step aside and realize that all life has meaning. All life tells a story. 

My dad was a wonderful man. I'm not being biased. He truly was. Eleven years after his death, people still tell me stories about him. They remember him fondly. They remember the day he died. A true mark of a great story is that is can stand tall years after it was first told. A life's story is no different. 

My dad's story lives on. Like the oral traditions of years gone by, I gather with friends and family, and we rarely go an evening without reminiscing about Mark Evans. 

I'm not here to tell you of my father's greatness. I am merely here to suggest that we can no longer live our life as though it has no meaning. All life has significance. We are always telling a story. Every action, every decision, every encounter with another's story. We are a community of stories and storytellers. 

So the question I pose is this: What is your story about? 

I did not say all stories are amazing. Some are awful. Some are downright sad. But all stories deserve to be told. Even the gut-wrenching ones. 

As I drove home last night, stealing glances at my wife, I determined I would tell my story. Stories of happiness, loss, pain and hope. 

Stories of Significance. 


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