How are We Improving?

The opening performance of the 2014 Century Leadership Conference

This last week, I finished up production of our biggest yearly event, Century Leadership Conference and Oklahoma District Council. This is a crazy two-day ride that takes an entire production team to complete. Luckily, I have a wonderful team that can do anything we throw at them! In the few days after the event, I have received emails, texts and calls about the good and the bad. One of the reoccurring comments I received was that it was "better than the year before." 

Obviously, this is a satisfying compliment to receive. But it really got me thinking. What if my team and I had not improved since last year's event? What would have happened if we wouldn't have challenged ourselves to do something better this year? In other words, what are we doing to improve?

In the year since our 2013 conference, each one of my team members, my self included, found ways to get better. We each got more experience. We each met challenges and grew from them. We tried new techniques and stretched our own understanding of production. As we began developing the staging and creative elements of the conference, I challenged myself to do something I had never done before. The only was this could be accomplished would be for me to improve on what I already had accomplished. 

I had to study different staging ideas. I had to try and fail at shooting videoes in a different format. And trust me, at 12:30 in the morning, four days before the event, I was still failing. It took hours of failing and learning, days of editing, hours of set-up and tear-down, but this event was produced better than last year. It was better, because we had improved. 

Was it a perfect production? No. Did we miss the mark on certain things? I believe so. Will we be satisfied with what we did this year? Absolutely. Will be allow that to keep up from being better next year? Not a chance!

We must continue to improve. We must challenge ourselves to stretch. To be better. We cannot live satisfied with what we have done. We must anticipate the beauty of what has yet to be seen.


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