The Silence

One of my favorite moments is sitting on my back patio in the early morning. No music, no twitter, no electronics. Me, a good book and silence.

I love the silence.

In a world that revolves around the technology that consumes us, I have had to develop safeguards to keep from being consumed myself. One of these safeguards is simply relishing moments of silence. 

Why is the silence so important?

In my opinion, taking moments in the silence can do two things. First of all, and this should come as little surprise; the silence allows me to spend moments with my Creator. The One. These moments, sitting among his creation are moments I get to cherish with Him. They are moments of prayer, contemplation and clarity.

Yes, clarity, the second benefit of the silence. 

In the creative world, I sometimes find my mind running ninety to nothing. I am working through projects mentally, preparing for client meetings, digesting new information. Simply put, my mind moves from one idea to the next, one project to the other. Without moments of silence, my mind cannot clearly differentiate the ideas swirling.

By taking moments in the silence, clarity of thought becomes possible. I can focus on one thought, one project, one idea. I can hone in on what needs to be honed in on. As a result, I am able to work through a project more clearly than before. 

The silence is out there for all of us. I cannot urge you enough to find your moment of silence weekly, daily, however often you need it. In the silence, the Creator is found. In the silence is your moment of Clarity.

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