We've all heard it before, right? 

"Remember the Sabbath, and keep it Holy."

But this doesn't apply to us, right? 

I remember the days...working on a video or graphic piece on the Saturday before service. Staying up until 3AM just to get it perfectly. Yep, staying up until three...working...on my day off.

We've all been there before, haven't we?

Can we talk about taking a Sabbath? That word used to only be something in the Bible to me. I mean, I would go to church, that was remembering the Sabbath, right? It was ok if I worked all seven days, because I was doing the Lord's work. Well, even the Lord took a day off.

As creatives, it is so easy for us to lose all of our work boundaries in the name of ministry. We can tell ourselves (and God for that matter) that rest will come later. Everything has to be perfect for Sunday.

But here's the thing, your rest is more important that hitting all the light cues. 

God didn't just want a day off after creation. He chose to take a day to rest. Yes, He CHOSE to rest. Could He have kept going? Sure. But He thought it was time to rest. And as such, He mandated that we are to take time to rest as well. 

But Jayson, my pastor doesn't give me the content until Saturday afternoon. Are you able to take Friday off? But I can't shoot videos until after I get off work? Are you really managing your time the best possible way? I believe now, more than ever before, that taking a day to rest is important not only for your physical well-being, but also your spiritual. It is a time to refresh and renew. To refocus our mind and soul. A time to allow God to speak to us in our rest.

Taking a Sabbath is a necessity. 

May I challenge you? May I urge you to take a Sabbath? Maybe you "take" a Sabbath, but you don't observe it. Take time and rest. Take a day off and find out why God found it good to rest.

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