It Won't Be Easy

It Won't Be Easy

What are your dreams? In a perfect world, what job would you be doing? Would you own a business? Would you retire early? Whatever dream resides inside, may I encourage you to embark upon it? May I encourage you to go after it? 

But, as you won't be easy.

I am blessed to have a job I love. I could think of nowhere else I would rather be at this moment. One of the benefits this job affords me is the opportunity to continue to work in freelance. I enjoy the variety of work that comes with freelance. It is a nice change of pace.

I am finding, however, that freelance jobs are not falling at my feet. In fact, it has been quite difficult to secure freelance jobs. Honestly, it is a little discouraging. Ledes I follow-up with go flat, client talks grow cold. It seems as though my dream of doing freelance on the side may end at nothing. 

But that is when I have to remind won't be easy.

During these times of discouragement, I am reminded that it will be worth it to keep going. It will be worth it to not quit. As someone who has pursued freelance for most of my professional life, I know heartache and discouragement are bound to happen. I know I might miss out on more jobs than I actually take on. But that won't stop me.

Although I know it won't be easy...I know it will be fun. 

Even when it seems like things aren't going my way, I know my dreams and passions to create will always win out. Why? Because when I create, I become alive. When I have the opportunity to create, I have fun.

Even though it won't be easy...don't quit.

Ben Arment, author of 'Dream Year,' states:

"I've learned something from watching countless people go after their dreams, only to hit a brick wall and give up. When they quit, it's not usually because they ran out of money or faced an insurmountable obstacle. It's because they were mentally defeated."

If we prepare ourselves mentally to face the obstacles that stand in the way of our dreams, we will have what it takes to continue to pursue them. We know it won't be easy, but the fun and excitement of seeing those dreams come to life will be worth all the difficulties. 

It won't be easy...but it will be fun.



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