What's Most Important?

What's Most Important?

I want to share something with the utmost honesty. 

In my opinion, we, as creatives, are in a dangerous place. 

The church world has finally come around. Creatives have been welcomed back in to the church. Videos adorn our walls. Songs are professionally performed. Lighting can enhance even the most boring wood-paneled walls. In short, we are making the church cool again.

But at what price are we bringing this 'coolness' in to the church?

Are we losing a little of our soul with each video or light fixture? "No Jayson, not me. Not our church. We are doing awesome things for Jesus!"

And...you probably are...

But...I have to ask, are we keeping sight on what is most important? 

Are we keeping our eyes on Jesus?

Listen, I know the above statements are gross generalizations. There are a lot of churches and ministries that have incorporated awesome, professionally produced AVL elements into their worship experiences. They have done so without losing the ability to direct their congregation toward Jesus. They have done awesome things!

But...for you...for your ministry...what's most important?

Are you doing that?

It's a question, that, if we ask ourselves honestly, we may not like the answer.

I have been asking myself this question....'what's most important?'

For the past two years or so, I have been on what I call my 'Spiritual Pilgrimage.' For me, this includes both my personal spiritual life, as well as my journey as a Creative in the church. Over the course of this journey, I have continually tried to root out the most important things we can do in a worship environment. Honestly, I struggle between what I want to do, and what is 'expected' at an event. 

But...I have to keep asking... 'What is most important?'

As I answer this question for myself, I come to the conclusion that the most important thing is directing eyes toward Christ. If each element I produce does not lead people there, then I am not doing what is most important.

Does this mean we can't have 'fun' elements? No! Does this mean we can't do something super creative or cool? Not at all. But, I have to begin to view those fun or creative elements as steps that bring the people into a closer place with Christ. I can have a fun element, but somehow, it better bring us to the next element, which will connect us to Jesus.

I know, I sound like a kill-joy. Let's all go back to the Dark Ages of church creativity. Take it that way if you choose, but I hope we begin to have the honest conversations about what is most important in the church creative world.

It is only when we ask what is most important that the people will begin to find a moment with Christ. 



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