Have you ever just hit that wall?

You open a new document, stare at the stark emptiness and watch the cursor blink. As you sit and stretch your fingers, waiting for the words to come, the cursor’s continual blinking takes on the tone of mockery. 

Perhaps you open a new Photoshop or Illustrator canvas. Staring into the void of white space, the ideas do not present themselves. You begin to mess with layers, lines or shapes; but to no avail. 

The emptiness has won again.

What are we to do when nothing comes from within? Look for inspiration? We can spend hours looking for inspiration only to find we’ve wasted a few hours.

No, when the empty page taunts you, we only have one recourse: to fill the emptiness. 

As creators, our batteries will run low. Our tanks will be nearly void of fuel. But we must continue. We must push past the emptiness until our canvas is covered again. Will it always come out looking like a masterpiece? Hardly. But we must fill the emptiness.

I must be honest. The cursor is laughing at me right now. For a long moment, before I began to type; I seriously considered taking a break from writing.

“A nice month away from it sounds good,” I thought.

“You're a terrible writer anyway,” the cursor yelled. 

I almost admitted defeat. I nearly left the page as empty as it came. But, something inside of me said to start typing. Something inside said to "keep pushing. Keep the words coming forth. Who cares if no one reads them? Keep typing."

When the emptiness stares you in the face…makes you question your ability. Just write. Just draw. Just paint. Just create. Keep working until the emptiness is replaced by creation. Then, keep creating until you’ve found your masterpiece.

In the beginning, we all begin with an empty page.

What will it look like in the end?