When to Stop

I spend a lot of time writing about what could be. Discussing how we can accomplish the things we set our minds to. I don't want to be all Debbie-Downer or anything, but today I'd like to discuss the flip side of that coin.

What happens when what we are trying to accomplish just doesn't happen?

When is it time to stop, and pursue other things?

We all have dreams, ideas of greatness and side projects we would like to pursue. The unsettling truth is that all these dreams are not necessarily meant to become realities. It takes a ton of effort, practice, skill and luck to achieve some of these outlandish dreams. So what happens when it appears they become unattainable?

Here is the conclusion I have drawn...

If you still love to do it, keep going.

If there is no love in the journey, it is time to stop.

I know, it sounds equal parts romantic and defeatist. I think pursuing your dreams is romantic, in a sense. It is about attaining that which you love to do. If you still love it. If the journey still draws you forward, it is okay to keep going. Keep fighting to see that dream or goal come to life. 

If you can no longer look forward to the battle. If there is no longer a romantic pursuit of your dream; it may be time to pursue something else. 

It may be time to stop.

When I began writing this blog, I committed to one post a week. I love to write, and this blog seemed like the perfect outlet to put thoughts on paper. I know one post a week isn't much...but it can be tough to always have something to say. Somedays, it is a struggle. These are the days when I just want to give it all up. 

But then, I think about the feeling of finishing another post. The content might be pure garbage, but just knowing I have let my thoughts flow for another week gives me satisfaction. It's a small dream, I know...but it's a dream I still love pursuing.

In the end, just because one dream may no longer be worth pursing, that doesn't mean all your dreams are dashed against the rocks. It simply means it is time to take hold of the next dream and see how you can make it a reality. 

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