Something Found

I recently finished a book I would like to share with you. It is called "A Patristic Treasury: Early Church Wisdom for Today." This is a collection of early Church writings, edited together by James R. Payton, Jr.

Last summer, I was fortunate to grab coffee with Glenn Packiam, the pastor at New Life Downtown, in Colorado Springs. In our conversation, I mentioned how I would love to discover more of the early Church's history, but found it quite dense and difficult to digest. Glenn quickly recommended this book, so I quickly bought it and began diving in.

This collection includes snippets and sections of our early Church Fathers' writings. Some of these fathers include Justin Martyr, Polycarp, Tertullian, John Chrysostom, Augustine and more. Although some of the subject matter can still be dense, this collection is a great way to get an idea for what our early Church Fathers believed and preached. 

Some of the hymns, poems and sermons in this book are things I have learned to apply in my own life. If you have any interest at all in the early Church's history and our early Church Fathers, I strongly encourage you to give this book a try!

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