Sensory Overload

As technology has become more and more entangled into our societal fabric, I am finding less and less need to depend on it. Obviously, this is a personal choice of my own, but I find it startling how quick I look to my phone in the slightest moment of "free" time. It is because of this impulse that I have to make an effort to leave my phone in another room, from time to time.

The world in which we live in is a wold that engages the senses. It is a world that, if we are not very careful, enables us to partake in sensory overload. And the worst part, in my opinion; is that we don't even recognize it.

With smart phones, tablets, wifi enabled television sets, talking cars and Dick Tracy watches, we are now unavoidably drawn to constant mental stimulation. Is technology a terrible thing? Not at all. Am I afraid of AI destroying humanity, not in the least. What I am afraid of, however, is that we have filled our days with so much content, that we have developed the inability to rest. 

When we hear the tone of a text or email, we cannot help but reach for our phone...even on a day off. As employees, we must always be available for our bosses or co-workers. And what is really sad is that I think we have grown to enjoy the "busyness" that technology now provides.

We wear our constant need for activity as a badge of honor, not knowing how exhausted we are becoming mentally and physically. 

So, is this a call for a technology fast or turning my phone off at night, for a week?

This is a call to stop living a life of sensory overload. This is a call to create a lifestyle that does not depend on technology to fill your free time. This is a call to enjoy the quiet moments of life. To be okay with being afraid when it is just you and the stillness. 

We have succumbed to a life that does not know how to stop. Perhaps it is time we take control of our life again. 

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