No. 46 Trading Company

Today I would like to take a moment to tell you about a new adventure I've been embarking on with a couple of friends. Last May, I shared about working on a side project, and this week, I would like to introduce you to one of mine: No 46 Trading Company. 

Back in January of 2015, I sat down with my good friends Nick and Tommy, and we began to discuss the idea of starting an online retail business. Originally, it was going to be a small product page on this website, but as we began to figure out what it was we really wanted, starting a company seemed like the way to go. 

Of course, we had no idea how to start a small online retail company.

Over the course of the past year, however, we have managed to jump through the hoops to file an LLC and begin doing business as No. 46 Trading Company. Why No. 46? You can find out here.

As we continue to press forward with this company, we knew we wanted to do one thing: provide goods that bring about community among family and friends. Simple home goods, wall art and adventurous products that bring about the thought of being surrounded by those you love, sitting next to an open campfire. 

Each of our products will be sold in limited runs of 100 or less, and we will be adding more products monthly. 

Why am I sharing this over on this blog? Well, for two reasons.

First of all, I want to take you behind the scenes of taking this side project and bringing it to life. From time to time, I will be sharing some of the troubles, stories and hopefully successes that come along this project. What does it take to file your paperwork? How do you create the products? What goes in to logo design? Things like that.

Secondly, and here's the big ask on my part: I wanted to share this so that you might share No. 46 with your friends and family. I promise, I never want this blog to be about self promotion or pushing my products, so please understand I would never want to jeopardize the relationship we have made with each other. But, if you feel it is appropriate, would you check out the products? Would you share No. 46 on your social media accounts? This will be the only time I will use this page to promote No. 46 Trading Company. I can assure you, from here on out, anything related to No. 46 will be informative behind the scenes type of information.

I am extremely excited to see this side project come to life! It has been a long year of challenges and preparation, but it has been a wonderful learning experience. Thank you for being a part of this ride. I can't wait to see what happens next!

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