On the Road

One of the tremendous opportunities with my job is the chance to travel. Over the last two months, I have crisscrossed Oklahoma as well as traveled to a couple of states. Travel can be difficult for the production side of life, but technology has definitely made it much easier to continue your work while on the road.

Over time, you kind of learn how to not get too far behind, because we all know that the work doesn't stop if you aren't in office. So here are a few key essentials to the road life.


Where would we be without laptops these days? I could not imagine having to travel for two months and not have a reliable machine that can do all my work on the road. 


Finding the roadside restaurants, coffee shops and attractions with Wifi is essential. Half of the projects and softwares I use are cloud based, so once I get to the completed piece, I need a way to upload the files to send to the appropriate party. If the opportunity is there, I would also recommend traveling with a personal hotspot for both security and ease.


Time is always essential, isn't it? When traveling, you have to understand how to spend your time to get work done. This can be very tiring, as you are on the road, working events, and then you have to use your down time to continue working on other projects. The key is to be able to balance your time between work and rest. You will be tired, but if you are not finding proper time to rest, your work will suffer. Finding the balance between work and rest will enable you to stay productive while working on the road.

These are just a few of the things I must consider when preparing for a road trip. Work doesn't stop while I'm on the road, and I must do what I can to stay ahead of it.

What are the ways you manage your work while on the road? 

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