Moving Parts: Project Management

I asked my wife, Camber, to come up with a topic for today's blog; and as always, she pulled through! She mentioned talking about all the different elements that go into a project from start to finish, and I thought that was brilliant. So, for today and possibly a few more posts, down the road, let's talk about some of these Moving Parts.

Let's talk about Project Management.

I need to begin by saying that project management processes and softwares are kind of an addiction for me. I love them. I love when a new one comes on the scene, and I love trying it out. It's probably an unhealthy obsession, but nevertheless.

Project management can be one of the most important traits of a creative. It may not be a natural trait, but if you are going to be able to stay on top of all your projects, it must become a trait you are capable of cultivating. I have several different projects in several different fields happening at all times. From work, to freelance, to side projects and more; if I'm not able to manage my projects, I will have no idea what is happening next. 

I primarily use two softwares for project management. One, is what I use at work to communicate with those in the Media Department, and the other I use to manage all of my personal and freelance projects. 


Asana is a team project management software that is web based. We use this app at work as a means of keeping all of our projects organized. It is great in the team dynamic, because you can add team members, assign projects to them and create tasks for them to accomplish. You can also upload files, make comments and mark off a task when completed. My favorite part is creating deadlines...I love deadlines. We use the free version of the app, as it has met all of our needs as of yet, but the premium options look very appealing. There is also a mobile app which is great when you are working on the road.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 6.23.14 PM.png

Can I just begin by saying, I LOVE Omnifocus. This app is what I use to track everything I have going on in life. I use it to keep track of freelance projects, side projects, this name it. I can easily import my OUTLOOK and iCal or Google Calendars. What I love most about this app is that I can create repeating events, get reminder notifications and track my progress over time. It is a powerful management app that I feel I am still only scratching the surface with. There is a one-time cost with it, of $39.99 for Standard and $79.99 for Pro. I use the Standard version and definitely feel I have gotten my money's worth. To be honest, paying for the app has kept me focused on using it as well. By putting a little skin in the game, it makes me use it.

These are just two of the project management tools I use everyday. I begin each day by checking through them and seeing what all I have on the horizon. Any creative would tell you it is vital to stay on top of your projects and these tools are two of the easiest I have found to use.

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