We all have habits, don’t we? Some might be good, others might be shameful. What are your habits when it comes to creating? In your estimation, are they habits formed that will enable you to create better art? Or…are they habits that limit your capabilities?

Over the last ten years ago, I have watched my habits change and become more refined. Not all of my habits are good ones, mind you…but I have worked hard to present creative habits that will help the art come out in ways that I never could have imagined.

What are these habits? Well…here is one:

Don’t procrastinate.

Okay, this is a work in process. When I was beginning my freelance career, in college, I had a tendency to always wait until deadlines to get my work done. It always seemed like I was staying up all hours of the night to finish an edit to a video or design piece. Truthfully, it was so silly of me to work this way. Not only was it not fair to me, it wasn’t fair to my clients. By limiting the final pieces to the eleventh hour, there was no time for the client to submit edits, or for me to work hard to create better art. In the end, the client either got what they got, or would leave not liking the finished product…not a great way to do business.

Over time, however, I have learned the value in working ahead on projects. Not only are you creating a sense of trust between you and your client, but you are also allowing yourself the space to challenge yourself creatively. Getting work done early allows for pushback from clients or friends that you might send the work to for critique.

Sometimes, deadlines hit us, and other times, we wait for the deadlines…avoiding procrastination is a great habit to form if you want to do your best creative work.

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