Just Do It

Recently, I've been reading quite a bit about "standing out in the crowd." Meaning, using your blog, social media and work projects to push yourself to the top of the social heap. In what I've been reading, it seems that the top has become so crowded with "professionals" that it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out. To be seen. In essence, to be somebody in the social strata.

So where does that leave us? If we have dreams of launching a small business, freelance career or grow in our job; how do we respond?

Well, to steal a phrase from Nike, I want to encourage you to Just Do It.

If we have a real dream or desire to venture into new projects or jobs, I don't think we can be concerned with where we stack up on the popularity scale. Is it helpful if we can get a lot of page views, likes or shares? It sure can be. But is the worth of our work established in such shares? I sure hope not!

No matter what it is you are wanting to try, just do it. You hear writers talk about the key to writing is to just write. Every day, you write. For designers, you just design. Editors, you just edit.

I think you get the idea.

So as you pursue your projects, work and business launches, don't worry so much about standing out in the crowd. Worry about producing a great product. Worry about getting it done. Worry about how it might help people.

And when you are wondering if you can even accomplish the dream inside of you...just do it and see what happens.

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