All Around Me

A few weeks ago, my family had the opportunity to escape for a week and visit the Rocky Mountains. I know I've mentioned this a few times, but I love the outdoors, and I find life in the mountains. 

These escapes are always what I need for my creative spirit. Being in the quiet of nature, removed from the hustle of soul is allowed rest. It is a much-needed moment in my life.

Amid the rest and rejuvenation, however, something else happens. I am allowed to recognize that creativity is all around me. 

It is everywhere. 

There are so many times when I am trapped in the day-to-day, that I miss the creative moments of life. I miss the simple things that have been made to make my life easier. I miss the natural creations evolve over time to be stronger than ever before.

It is really amazing. 

When I allow myself to withdraw for even a week, I can find creativity again. I can see opportunities to try something new. To work on a new creation. 

As a creative, this is exactly what I need.

So where will you find creativity? Where will you find your energizing force to allow you to create again? If you look hard enough, you might find that it is all around you.

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