A New Idea

So, I'm gonna be honest...I've had trouble coming up with ideas lately. I knew I was going to take some time off from the blog this summer, but I only intended for it to be two or three weeks...not a couple of months.

It's just...every time I sat down to write, the only thing that I wanted to write about was not creativity related. No, every time I sat down to write...I just wanted to write about baseball.

Obviously baseball does not belong on a creative blog, so what was I to do?

Suddenly, it hit me. What if I created art that related to baseball? Finally, an outlet to pacify my love for the game! So, after a few weeks of tinkering, here is what I came up with:

Each of these prints harken back to a by-gone era of baseball. Sure, the game today is great, but there is something about the nostalgia of yesteryear! 

Once I felt these designs were ready I decided to make them available on the site for sale. Each of these prints are yours as a digital download, which means once it is purchased, you will get a link to download and you can print the design out at your leisure. No shipping costs or anything like that. 

If these prints are anything that interest you, please head over to the shop and check them out! I hope to add more in the near future as well!

What do you think of them? Any suggestions on what other topics you'd like to see produced as digital downloads?

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