"How do you stay excited about your work?"

This was a question asked to photographer Miller Mobley in a recent article.

His answer was that the challenge of his work is what excites him...and you know...I have to agree.

I have been in the creative world, professionally, for over ten years now. Not a long time, but long enough to have moments where I question if I am doing the right things with my life. There are just days where it isn't fun anymore.

But, as Mobley mentions, it's the challenge that keeps me going. Not just the challenge of the work, but the challenge of pushing myself creatively. If I'm not careful, I allow myself to create the same way every day. The same video shoot, the same design piece...the same, the same, the same. In other words, my work becomes unexciting. 

If I can find ways to challenge my creative process, however, and put a new look on a familiar story...then...I can get excited about it. Suddenly, instead of getting a project done, I am challenged with the task of getting it done in this new creative way.

It's time to challenge ourselves to new levels of creativity. Time to push our limits and skill levels like never before. 

It's time to get excited about our work again.


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