Cynical Me

For anyone who knows me, it is easy to see my cynical side. Over time, it seems, I have been a touch more dubious and doubtful when it comes to the things of this world. 

Cynical: doubtful as to whether something will happen or whether it is worthwhile.

If I'm to be honest, most of my cynicism has developed while doing creative things in the church world. Why is this? In my opinion, the uphill climb in church creativity has proven to be a challenge that most wide-eyed creatives weren't ready for (myself included). 

Creatives tend to walk toward a project with the wonder of a blank canvas, dreaming of what can be. Over time, however, we can see that blank canvas for everything it will not be.

Instead of saying, "Why Not," I find myself saying, "No Way."

When we allow our cynicism to creep into the creative realm, it is destined to quench our process. This has been a real struggle for me lately. 

So what am I to do with this struggle?

I find ways to try anyway.

I recently watched a talk by Jeremy Mitchell, who founded Mitchell Bat Company literally on a whim. As he unfolds his story, there are so many occasions where Jeremy just said, "Yes," even when the answer in the moment was technically, "No." I told myself I need to say, "Yes" more. I'm not going to lie about my skills or anything, but I do need to be willing to try things again.

I cannot let a cynical viewpoint keep me from trying.

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