The absence of limitations is the enemy of art.
— Orson Welles

As artists and creators, we all dream of having carte blanch when it comes to tools and needs.

Wouldn't it be perfect if we could just have what we needed when we needed it?

It would be awesome if I could just buy a 100 foot LED board to serve as a backdrop on Sundays, wouldn't it?

Yeah, that would be a great video, I just need to go buy a RED camera!

We think it would be great to have no limits when it comes to creating art, but the truth is really the opposite. If anyone could understand this, it was Orson Welles. Welles was an artistic genius when it came to radio and film. There was a stretch where it seemed as though anything he created was pure gold.  Welles had reached a point where he could literally have any budget and develop anything creatively...carte blanch. But Welles, like so many other great creators, realized the need for limitation.

Limits are good for us because they force us to be creative. Once all limitations are removed, the need to find creative solutions is eliminated. What results are cookie-cutter ideas and pieces similar to the great inspiration you drew from.

Think about it...U2 or Coldplay design these $40 million stages for their tours...and they are awesome. I think to myself, wouldn't that be awesome for one of our events? If I had $40 million in the budget, I could literally build the same stage. Where is the creativity in that? Instead, I am forced to take my $40 budget and create something that can be as appealing to my audience. The limitations in place will force me to be more creative. Force me to stretch the money. Force me to stretch my thinking. 

Limitations in creativity are a great thing.

Honestly, I think every great piece of art or invention is born from the limitations that the artist lived in. Why are new devices invented? To do the things that couldn't be done before. What does every artist dream of? Creating a work that speaks like never before. If limits were not placed on the creators, then we would see that same things everywhere we go.

Embrace the limits that you find in your situation. Whether it be money, technology, time...whatever it is, seek out your art amidst the limitations. Only then, can you truly expand the art that is produced. 


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