Recapping the Weekend

This past weekend was immense.

Convergence is a student conference in Oklahoma. I've had the privilege of working this event since 2009, and this weekend may have been the one that was most enjoyable for me.

Honestly, one of the reasons I found it so much fun is because of the mindset I had going in. 

I decided to make sure to have fun.

It's amazing how our perception of an event is dictated by our mindset at the beginning. I told our production team at the beginning that we just needed to have fun...and I believe we did.

Fun is something I want more of in life. If you've followed the blog long, you can tell my cynicism can be quite strong. Sometimes, I need to combat that cynicism with a healthy dose of enjoying life (and work). 

Maybe we could all learn a little about having more fun in life...



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