Why Don't You Give Up?

The scene above is from Seinfeld, the greatest TV show of all time (don't @ me on that one). Sally Weaver is a terrible stand-up comic, and Jerry makes the off-handed comment to Kramer, "she should just give up." The problem for Jerry, however, is Kramer is not afraid to just tell it like it is.

We need more people in our lives who will tell us the truth. We need people who aren't afraid to be honest with us, even when honesty hurts.

The only way we will become better artists, creatives, businesspeople, teachers, students and humans is if we can have people in our lives who will tell us how it really is.

Maybe you are that person for someone else. Keep being honest and forthright. No, don't be mean about it. Simply be willing to say what others won't.

We need more of that in our lives.


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