An Easy No

Last week, I was listening to the Design Matters Podcast, with Debbie Millman. During her interview with Brian Koppelman (warning: language), he says something that really stuck out to me:

It’s scary to say yes to something and easy to say no.
— Brian Koppelman

I've been dealing with this idea of what is "easy" in life. Being lazy is easy. Not trying to push my creative boundaries is easy. Not waking up early is easy. 

The struggle of doing what is easy versus what is best is real.

So when I heard Brian talk about the fear of "saying yes" to something, I was instantly challenged. What are the things that I said "no" to just because I could see the potential difficulties that lie ahead? Or simply because it was scary? What is the project or idea that I didn't follow through on? Who is the person I have been putting off talking to because I fear it might be a difficult conversation?

Fear of something new can really determine how we produce (or abstain from producing) art and life. 

So what if we said "yes" to the things that are difficult (or scary)? What if we were willing to rise up to the fear? When Koppelman spoke of saying "yes," I must admit it inspired me to try to do more.

Even when it is scary, I will say Yes.

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