My Favorite #okstate Tweets

As the fall colors are just a few weeks away, I wanted to take a small departure from the blog and share about something near and dear to my heart: Oklahoma State University Football.

Every year, I find myself drawn to the beginning of a new season with a hint of optimism. 2017 is no different, as Oklahoma State is receiving unprecedented hype. As a lifelong Cowboy fan, I have a sense of hesitancy with the hype, but nevertheless, here's to a great ride.

In honor of the 2017 season beginning this week, I wanted to share some of my favorite tweets from the 2016 football season. Please note...most are not positive.

One thought: #okstate and underneath passes...the worst thing ever.
Ramon Richards continues his Jacob Lacy-ness #okstate
Yurcich’s best offense is a mistake by the opponent’s offense. #okstate
Another big defensive stop... #okstate
The ole’ Gundy fake snap...trot out the FG unit...we used to run that in 7th grade. #okstate
Only Gundy would need to call a time out to start a drive. #okstate
Can I just point out that it took 8 games for Yurcich to figure out Washington can slant across the middle? #okstate
That was a good play call. #okstate
Always nice to end the year on a win. 10 win seasons used to be few & far between...will always appreciate them. #okstate

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