What Are You Capable Of?

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to attend STORY, in Nashville. This is a one-of-a-kind event that just gets more and more inspirational. If you are a creative/storyteller/artist, it is worth the investment.

Anyway, during the final session, Jason Jaggard shared something I will not soon forget. During his session, Jason asked the question:

What are you capable of?

Jason is a coach to executive and CEO's around the world, so when he asks this question, there are major implications. But, this isn't a question for only CEO's and billionaires. It is a question for me. It is a question for you. It is a question all of us should ask.

When I think about what I am capable of versus what I am currently outputting, I realize there is a tremendous deficit. Now, if any of my co-workers or employers are reading this, please understand that I am not doing shoddy work. I just realize that in everyday life, I can do more. 

Jaggard used the example of driving a car 117 mph when it is capable of cruising at 220 mph. 117 is pretty fast. It's pretty good. But...it's not 220.  

I think deep down, all of us are more capable than we are currently letting on. We may not even realize it, but we are.

As I left STORY, this is the question I constantly have been asking: what am I capable of.

Chances are, if we can begin to live up to our capability, we can do a lot more good in the world.

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