Something Sacred

It's the first of the year, which means once again, I am reading Ian Morgan Cron's Chasing Francis. I first ran across this book in 2013, and since then, I have made a commitment to read it at the beginning of every year. It is an easy read, a fictional account of a pastor who is struggling with his faith. It never gets old to me.

In the story, the main character, Chase, visits an uncle in Assisi, Italy. While there, he encounters faith and God through the stories of Saint Francis. 

While there, Chase visits the Chiesa Nuova, which is a church built upon the place Francis was born. While there, Chase is overcome with emotion. He later discusses is with a friend, named Peter:

Peter laughed. "Retrace your steps. What was it like when you walked into the church?"

"It was like I was walking into another world."

"Precisely. Medievals built huge ornate churches so that people walking into them would feel like they'd left one world and entered another reality - the kingdom of God. Think of what happened to your sense when you came in those doors. Stained-glass windows, frescos and paintings, dimmed lights, flickering candles, the smell of incense, vaults and arches pulling your spirit upward, angels soaring on the ceilings. God snuck up on you through the architecture," Peter said.

Has God ever snuck upon you in the architecture? How about in nature? How about in your car? In my humble opinion, we have lost some of our sacred wonder, when it comes to communing with God. There is something about the place where we can meet with God. It is something we should not take for granted. When I am in the great outdoors, I am transported to another world. It is a sacred space where I can see God move and act. It helps me to take stock in how I have been living for and serving him. 

What sacred spaces have you uncovered in your walk with God?

Photo by Chad Greiter on Unsplash


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